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“ I lost 16kg whilst
enjoying all the
foods I love. ”

How F4T taught Dimirti that no food
should ever be restricted or demonised
which completely transformed his
relationship with food.

* Results will vary and depend on a variety of factors
But our members can expect to lose 1-2lb per week.
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Growing up, Dimitri always assumed that to get six pack and become lean, he would have to eat a very restrictive boring diet based around chicken, vegetables and brown rice. He couldn’t believe how easy it actually was.

“You can’t out-train a bad diet”

For years and years, I have yo-yo dieted back and forth and I never thought I would achieve a transformation like this. I’ve always exercised but it just goes to show that the saying is true “you can’t out-train a bad diet” . Most people are very confused about nutrition.

My friends would always make claims about the food I was eating such as “you can’t get shredded eating that because it has too much sugar” I’ve learnt that you can eat what you want as long as the calories and macronutrients are in the right quantities for you.

“I’ve learnt that you can eat what you want as long as the calories and macronutrients are in the right quantities for you”

“This whole experience has been priceless”

F4T gave me the accountability, support, and knowledge I needed to achieve the physical and mental transformation of a lifetime.

My food plan was never ever boring or mundane. Whenever I fancied a change, I would speak to my coach, and they would make the necessary adjustments. This is what made it sustainable. I couldn’t have done this with my nutri-coach. This whole experience has been priceless.

“I still enjoyed alcohol on a weekend”

At no point did this ever feel like a diet. I was still able to socialise at the weekends and spend time with family and friends at birthday parties and other special occasions. If I ever had a special event coming up, I would speak to my coach and they would make adjustments to my meal plan. I had the constant reassurance and peace of mind that I was constantly working towards my goals because of my nutri-coach. In the past, if I ever went out at the weekend I thought that was it, my diet was over and I’d thought I’d have to start all over again.

Favourite Meal

Nando’s Butterfly Chicken with Spicy Rice

Favourite Snack

Galaxy Chocolate Bar

Favourite Breakfast

Bacon medallions Sandwich

Favourite Lunch

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap with Halloumi Cheese

“I never want to leave this lifestyle. I’m a member for life”

I’m now focussing on enjoying a nice balanced lifestyle whilst enjoying the results I’ve achieved with the support of my coach on a maintenance plan. I never want to leave this lifestyle. I’m a member for life.

“I feel incredible, like a different person. Everyone deserves this”

What can you learn from Dimitri’s story?

At Food4Thoughts, all of our members enjoy a food plan that is fully tailored to them and their lifestyle including all the foods they love. This is why Dimitri was able to enjoy long term sustainable results.

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