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F4T is a nutrition-led, well-being brand that empowers people to achieve the healthiest and happiest version of themselves in the most enjoyable way, with the encouragement of the most incredible and supportive community.

We are nothing like Slimming World or Weight Watchers, or Herbalife or Keto; we do things properly and encourage you to enjoy a normal lifestyle whilst giving you consistent knowledge & accountability along the way so you can work towards life-changing results.

Our world-class support will put an end to your yo-yo dieting and lifelong frustrations. We’ll support you in stepping outside of your comfort zone allowing you to continually grow and enjoy a life filled with achievement, growth, and happiness.


I have partnered with UK’s fastest growing health and fitness experts Food4Thoughts (F4T) who specialise in behaviorial change, habit building and together, we will provide you with world-class support throughout as you make the shift.

This is the ultimate lifestyle change where YOU ARE IN CONTROL in being a better you, in whatever areas you choose.

Whats included?

F4T Membership

Fully Tailored Meal Plans

Monthly Training Plans

Motivational Zooms with Brad

Member Exclusive Group Chat

Monthly Events

Are you ready to make the shift to look better, feel better, sleep better and improve your life?