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“Turning 30 healthier, happier and a HELL of a lot lighter.”

Last year Katie decided to invest in herself
and join Food4Thoughts. Although she has
lost 4 stone, she has gained things she never
thought was possible.

* Results will vary and depend on a variety of factors But our members can expect to lose 1-2lb per week.
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Like most people, Katie had tried many other fad diets before but found them un-sustainable, overly restrictive and just ended up binge eating at the weekend. Katie returned to Prague in 2020 to try on her wedding dress and was heartbroken to see that it was too tight and did not fit. This is where F4T finally came into her life.

“Before joining F4T, I thought carbs were the enemy!"

With her wedding coming up, Katie made the choice to invest in herself and joined Food4Thoughts. Initially, she thought it was going to be “just a food plan” and was only planning on being a member for 1 month. Katie soon realised the significance of having your own “Nutri-Coach” and now says she can’t live without th accountability and support.

“The accountability and suppor from the coach is everything and it’s something I definitely need”. Katie had previously been told she shouldn’t have carbohydrates and overly restricted herself. But now she is enjoying all her favourite food including curries, fish fingers, steak and even pizza.

“Before joining F4T, I thought carbs were the enemy. People are now shocked at the food I’m eating. Nowadays people think to lose weight, you need to eat rabbit food. I eat so much more now. Beforehand I used to eat salads throughout the week but then I’d end up binging at the weekend.”

“I still enjoyed alcohol on a weekend”

Favourite Snack

Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

Favourite Breakfast

Bacon Sandwich

Favourite Lunch

Fish Fingers

Favourite Dinner


“It’s sustainable, it doesn’t feel like a diet”

Despite losing over 4 stone, Katie has now signed up toFood4Thoughts for another year claiming she “never wants to leave this lifestyle”.

From a size 16 to a size 8, from feeling happy to now feeling her happiest, Katie is now sleeping better, has more self-confidence, has more energy and above all, she is in the best shape of life and looked sensational on her very special day.

“It’s sustainable, it doesn’t feel like a diet. The reason I’ve managed to achieve this is all down to my nutri-coach who has supported me every step of the way who has supported me every step of the way. Inspiring me and instilling self believe and discipline that has now become second nature to me.”

“I feel amazing. I’ve always been a happy person, but now I’m just full of energy and have newfound confidence. I’m even sleeping better. I was never into exercise at all but now I’ve found myself getting into fitness too and regularly running 5k. If you told me I could do this 5 years ago I would have said NO WAY”

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