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F4T Membership:

Ameal plan, a coach and a community – the essence of Food4Thoughts - check here.

There are absolutely no hidden catches here at F4T, what you see is what you get, and we pride ourselves with our incredibly direct approach when it comes to you achieving your goals. You won’t find any quick fixes, fad diets or 28-day challenges here, instead we provide you with a platform to allow you to have a healthier and happier life forever.

The most unique aspect of F4T is our incredible community. The F4T community is like no other, we bring like-minded people together who go on to build life-long bonds. Not only do we help you feel and look amazing from the inside out, but we encourage you to join our exciting events that we host on a regular basis.

We recognise that it can be overwhelming out there when it comes to nutrition and with so much misinformation on the market surrounding fat loss or muscle growth it can certainly be misleading. Alongside a nutrient dense diet,it basically boils down to one very simple variable – calorie deficit or calorie surplus. We cut straight to the point and couldn’t make it simpler at F4T, “what do you love to eat?” and “where do you shop?”. Sounds simple right?

We know that when trying to reach your goals, a plan alone is simply not enough. You’re not alone and we will be by your side every step of the way. You will be assigned to your own dedicated Nutri-Coach. The accountability you’ve always needed and the friend you’ve always wanted.This is what makes us different. This is what allows us to guarantee results.

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Our Coaches will provide you with general guidance and assistance, suited to your ability levels, where possible to help you feel more comfortable when it comes to exercise.

You can also sign up to F4T Fitness, where you can follow live classes with other members and receive exclusive access to our class library where you can catch up anytime, anywhere when you can’t make the live classes. There is something for everyone.

Absolutely we would love to hear from you. You can book in now for a free consultation call with a member from our team to answer any questions you have and to give you an insight into what it is like to be a member of F4T.

No, you can sign up to our F4T membership from anywhere in the world. We will work very closely with you to ensure that your plan is perfect for you and completely tailored to your lifestyle.

Typically, we will secure your start date within 1-4 weeks of you signing up to your membership. Our membership slots start every Monday and remember, if you have a particular date in mind, please let us know as soon as possible so we can do our utmost to accommodate.

Forever lasting, sustainable results don’t happen overnight. A lifestyle change, requires motivation, dedication & commitment. We want your results to last forever, to secure a healthier and happier lifestyle in the bag, therefore our membership is an ongoing subscription. The support from F4T goes way beyond 3/6/12 months, we are a forever thing which is why most of our members refer to themselves as ‘Lifers’.

We continually adapt to your changing goal posts. We know it’s not as simple reaching your goal and staying there. It isn’t just about losing or gaining weight. F4T is so much more than that. We adapt our plans to ensure that we provide you with all the tools to maintain all that hard work. To all you Yo-Yo dieters out there, you’ve dieted hard, tried shakes, cut out carbs and reached your goals short term and then don’t tell us… it didn’t last very long. This cycle is continuous and can leave you feeling rubbish. It’s time to do it the right way, the F4T way.

We don't recommend taking part in any form of weight loss programme while pregnant. For those who are breastfeeding we can ensure your plan is adjusted and suited to your needs as recommended by medical practitioner.

Yes, as it stands, F4T memberships can only be purchased for individuals who are 18+. However, we are happy to discuss management of minors through parental guidance and supervision. We encourage all minors to eat a varied, balanced diet and to exercise regularly. Please contact us on for further information.

Managing your expectations is a key part of what we do, not only is it important for your motivation but also for your overall success with F4T. Your success is our success.

No matter your goal, it is so important that you don’t become fixated on your weighing scales. For those of you who want to lose weight, remember, fat loss and weight loss are two very different things…

There are several different factors that affect a person’s weight such as, hormones, water retention, salt consumption, muscle atrophy and bowel movements etc. Just because you haven’t lost weight on the scales, doesn’t mean you haven’t lost fat. We encourage all our members to take measurements and progress pictures throughout their journey for self-reassurance.

Don’t get us wrong, in the long run you WILL have lost a significant amount of weight, and this will be reflected on the scales, but we want you to appreciate the fluctuations in the short term.

F4T is so much more than just achieving your physical goals, our members who have been with us for 6+ months have an overall better relationship with food, feel amazing on the outsidebut most importantly on the inside too, have a newfound confidence that shines through, are sleeping better and so much more. Read more into what some of our members have experienced already with F4T

Our Plans:

No, we are not a meal prep company and we do not prepare your meals.

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes, the fussier the better. We create your plan based around all your personal preferences and the foods you love. If you don’t love it, it won’t be on your plan. Simple.

Absolutely! F4T isn’t just about weight loss or weight gain. We are so much more. We cater to you as an individual and no matter your goal we will always ensure your plan is perfect for you.

Yes, we do our utmost to ensure every aspect of your lifestyle is incorporated into your plan. We will work closely with you to find suitable recipes from your chosen meal provider whilst working towards your body goals.

Alternatively, we have some incredible recipes that can be included in your plan dependant on your cooking capabilities.

If you don’t like to cook,then we won’t include any recipes.

We have helped several members living with numerous medical conditions, it is important to inform us if you have any medical conditions prior to starting your F4T journey so we can ensure your plan is suited to you.

Our plans can help control your blood sugar, we will help you lose weight (if this is your goal) and together form healthy habits to last a lifetime to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes
We recommend informing your GP prior to signing up to a membership with F4T and ensure you follow up with them regularly throughout your journey in case any medications need to be adjusted, in which case please let us know as soon as possible. Remember, you will take full responsibility for your own carbohydrate counting and relevant insulin requirements, as our Nutri-Coaches will not be able to provide you with any medical advice at any time during your membership.

Type 2 Diabetes
Like Type 1 diabetes, we recommend you check in with your GP regularly throughout your journey in case any medications need to be adjusted, in which case please let us know as soon as possible. We have helped several members living with type 2 diabetes improve their overall health and blood sugar control, together we will form healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Coeliac Disease
Our meal plans are very carefully and individually designed around your dietary requirements and preferences, including gluten free. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and suitability to your lifestyle. Your coach will be on hand throughout your journey to ensure your plan is always tailored perfectly to you, we can ensure we provide alternative ingredients for all our recipes to suit you.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
We understand that your dietary preferences and intolerances related to IBS can vary
extensively and there can be numerous trigger foods that set your IBS off. We will work very
closely with you to ensure your plan is perfectly tailored to you whilst maintaining
a nutritionally balanced lifestyle. All our plans allow for flexibility and therefore can make
amendments throughout to ensure your plan is evolving with any new foods that can trigger
your IBS. We do recommend that you continue to manage your condition with your GP
throughout your journey.

Anxiety or Depression
If you suffer from mild depression or anxiety and your condition is currently being managed with your GP or health professional, F4T is still suitable for you, and we welcome anyone that is going through their own struggles. F4T is so much more than your physical goals, and our members say they have found the support and our community has contributed positively on their overall mental well-being.

Take a listen to what some of our members say (insert testimonial link). However, if you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression and are currently receiving treatment, we highly recommend that you focus on improving your mental wellbeing in the first instance, before embarking on your journey.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking or speaking with someone you know, please reach out to a helpline.

Clinical Diagnosis of an eating disorder
It is important to understand that we are not experts or medically trained professionals. We highly recommend speaking with your GP for professional advice before embarking on your journey with F4T.

Nutritional requirements may vary during any stage of cancer treatment and therefore it is important to follow the advice that your relevant health professional has recommended. F4T will help you build new habits and maintain a happier and healthy lifestyle. It is important to speak with your doctor before embarking on your journey to ensure it is suitable.

Please contact our team at if you’re still unsure whether F4T is right for you.

Yes, they absolutely are. Say goodbye to cooking numerous different meals for all the family just to achieve your goals. At F4T we ensure your plan is suited to your lifestyle and therefore include all your family favourite meals. You can enjoy dinner time as a family and still achieve guaranteed results.

This completely depends on your personal goals. Generally, we recommend staying as active as much as you personally can, but it isn’t necessary for you to have access to a gym. We will provide you with ongoing challenges, step counting, and general guidance should you need it.

Please note: if you are trying get lean/shredded then we would recommend a rigorous weight training regime.

We're conscious of the importance a healthy lifestyle has and want to ensure it is accessible to everyone. For this reason, we create a plan specifically around your supermarket of choice. Where possible we will ensure we recommend affordable ingredients in our recipes. Our plans are completely flexible and catered around your lifestyle, so we can adapt to suit all budgets.

How much money do you spend on an average takeaway each week? £20 to £30 per week? How much food do you waste and throw in the bin each week? With F4T, you know exactly what you will be buying each week. There is no reason to waste food anymore.

Our community:

Unfortunately to attend our amazing community events you do need to be a member. Sign up now to gain access to hundreds of exciting events.

To take full advantage of our referral scheme and earn cash direct to your bank.

No, our events are expanding rapidly. We now have some amazing community events based in the South of England and we intend to continue to develop our event locations in the very near future. Why not take a look at some of our upcoming events, click here

Technical issues:

We know that technical issues are frustrating and can take away from your overall F4T Experience, that’s why fixing them is our top priority. Some of them might take longer than others, so we encourage you to reach out to our support team if you experience any of them to talk about how we can help on