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F4T Help Guides

What To Do If...

You help guide for any situation

Scenario one:

If you’ve had a bad day/meal and not stuck to the plan (Over-consumed)

What you can do:

- Acknowledge where and why you slipped up
- Remember your goals
- Speak to your coach on check-in day
- Remove Snack A for the following 3 days

It's normal to fall off track every now and then. The most important thing to remember is to get straight back on it again.

Consistency is key. Not perfection. One bad day will not ruin your entire progress so DON’T beat yourself up and DON’T go into self-sabotage mode.

Scenario two:

You’ve skipped a meal…

What you can do:

- Avoid skipping meals at all costs. It’s essential that you eat everything on the plan.
- If you have missed any meals, let your coach know during check-in day.
- Your calories have been uniquely calculated for you.
- Your coach needs to assess your progress on an ongoing basis and if you are missing meals/snacks regularly, it becomes difficult for us to interpret your progress.

Despite what you might think, under-consuming calories can lead to your metabolism slowing down and your weight loss stalling.

Scenario three:

You can’t find items on plan in the supermarket

What you can do:

- Repeat an alternative day from your meal plan that you can easily find in store
- Find an option that is similar in calories
- Most supermarkets will have close to identical items, so if possible, try to find those items from a different supermarket (For e.g 'Tesco lightly dusted cod' can be found in all supermarkets but branded as their own).

If you are struggling to find certain food items from your plan on a regular basis, let your coach know and they will provide an alternative option.

Scenario four:

You are out/away from home and can't follow the plan exactly

What you can do:

- If you know you'll be away in advance, inform your coach on check in day or in your
  WhatsApp support group

- Refer to the “Eating Out” guide for tips on how to make the best choices
- Look to increase your activity levels by increaseing your daily step count and exercise as much as possible when you can.

If possible, planning any away days in advance is always the best way as you can work with your coach to get a plan of action in place.

Scenario five:

If you go out for a meal last minute/ with very short notice

What you can do:

- Refer to the “Eating Out” Guide and let your coach know during your next check in.

If possible, planning any away days in advance is always the best way as you can work with your coach to get a plan of action in place.

Scenario six:

You’re having a tough day, struggling and feeling demotivated

What you can do:

- Is the feeling temporary (e.g. work related / short term) or has this been going on for some time? Remember to communicate this with your coach at your check in
- Remember your ‘why’, remind yourself why you started your journey with F4T and how you want to ultimately feel within yourself
- What are your goals for the week/month/year? Breaking your goals down in to smaller milestones might ease the anxiety and stress of feeling overwhelmed
- You‘re not alone. Don’t be afraid to share and communicate with other members in your WhatsApp group. Others may be feeling the same as you
- If your circumstance is more personal, please book in a call with your coach.

Remember, motivation will come and go and something you can’t always control.

However, self-discipline is something you are FULLY in control of. Learn to say no and be proud when you do. The easy way out will always be an option….

Scenario seven:

You’re going on a night out and will be drinking alcohol

What you can do:

- Don't have your snack Cs on plan that week
- Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and eat before you go out
- Stick to spirits and diet mixers or Prosecco. Cocktails can be very high calorie/high sugar so limit these as much as possible
- Limit your overall alcohol intake as much as you can
- Let your coach know on check-in day to help make any adjustments for the following week if applicable.

You could be very dehydrated the next day from all the alcohol, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to flush everything out and reduce water retention and replenish your body with nutrients, protein and good fats from the meals on plan.

You will be tempted to have a takeaway - but resist this urge, it doesn't help and only delays getting your momentum back.

Scenario eight:

You’re starting to get bored of your meals or fancy something else

What you can do:

- Click here for the meal plan change form.

If it’s just something minor, then speak to your coach on check-in day for a quick change.

Scenario nine:

You want a meal from a different day

What you can do:

- Have it! Any meals can be swapped with another day
(this excludes meals from Fri/Sat due to higher calories allocated to these days).

Scenario ten:

You’re still feeling hungry…

What you can do:

- Have you drank enough water? It’s very easy to mistake thirst for hunger!
- Veg and salad are UNLIMITED so aim to fill half of your plate full of vegetables.
- Refer to the “Eating out” guide on how to supress hunger pangs.

It’s very normal to feel hungry in your first week as your body adapts to the plan but it will definitely get easier!

Choosing the right carbs will also help steady your blood sugar levels and stop the sugar crash and instant feeling of hunger. We recommend going for wholegrain options instead of white.