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  • You want to look and feel incredible
  • You’re a typical yo-yo dieter and have had enough
  • You’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out
  • You lack self-esteem or confidence
  • You want to build a healthier relationship with food
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  • A quick fix fad diet
  • Going to restrict your favourite foods
  • Going to make you cancel all social plans and activities
  • Points, Synns or calorie counting
  • Going to let you down
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I can’t even explain how happy I am to be part of this family, yes correct this is not an ordinary food plan this is amazing community with support that is just phenomenal. Coach Lois is always there to cheer every win, help with any wobble , amend my plan when needed. She is always there when our need her- pure superstars!
Over the years I have tried several diets with a little result but was unhappy as had to restrict myself from eating so many things I liked.
With F4T I managed to lose a stone in 1 month without feeling hungry and deprived of what I want to eat. I am so happy and if you are hesitating please don’t it’s worth every penny! Physical and mental change will be insane!

I’m only on week two and I am already loving it . The food variety , the snack plus everything is really easy to prep. I can honestly say I’ve never had such motivation. The community are fantastic always giving helpful advice and always there just for a chat the support is outstanding ! Having a nutri coach is a game changer, my nutri coach Lois is an angel she’s always there to help you out or have a little catch up and her positivity is infectious ! It’s so apparent that the coaches love what they do and want the best for you always. Lois really is her teams biggest supporter and when you know someone cares about your journey as much as you do it really makes the difference! I would recommend F4T to anyone its such a unique and positive company that doesn’t souly focus on the loose weight method but on your health in general both physical and mental as well as your overall well-being. It’s already positivity impacting my mindset when it comes to my food and overall health.

I joined F4T in February 2021 initially signing up for 1 month. Now 8 months down the line I’ve lost 3 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes. I’ve gained confidence, my mindset has changed and I’m continuously pushing myself out of my comfort zone. The support and guidance from my brilliant Nutri-Coach, Coach D, has been amazing and being accountable to him and myself has been so important in keeping me on track. I enjoy every one of my meals and all the snacks inc chocolate and crisp!
The events have been a great way to get outdoors and active as well as having the opportunity to meet new, like minded people on the same journey. The support from all the Coaches and community has been amazing. Everyone is so positive and inspiring! F4T is truly special!

Food4Thoughts is really amazing! It has given me the perfect outline for a confident, happier, healthier lifestyle. Ellie who is my coach is absolutely amazing, she’s so supportive and helps you achieve your goals and if you’ve gone off plan she’s there to help you get back on track. I did not join F4T to lose weight, I joined to gain, I do have heart problem and gaining weight was always such a struggle but with having a set plan and a routine it’s working great, even though I have reached my goal weight I will still carry on with my membership. Also they do also have a Food4Thought Fitness which is also amazing if you don’t want to go to the gym, As you can do home classes on a zoom. F4T continues to be the best decision I have made, it’s a great community, with lots of great events! Would 100% recommend!

Absolutely incredible, I haven’t had the results I would have liked but that is 100% down to me, and not down to f4t or my coach, my health has been very poor and my coach has been extremely understanding and kind during a very difficult few months, when I stick to my plan 100% I loose weight, there is no judgement from my coach just encouragement and kindness… prior to becoming poorly I was hitting my target weight loss every week, I had more energy than I have had in years, I was sleeping better than I had done in years and my confidence was increased too, anytime I have wanted to change my plan I have been given the support/menus/changes by either my coach (if a simple tweak) or from the team when Iv had my plan overhauled, the WhatsApp group text gives the
Best support and encouragement, this really is a lifestyle change, and I would 100% recommend to everyone… f4t family is just that, a family… they support you, and are at the end of the phone whenever you need them…

I started Food4Thoughts a few months ago and already I have made many changes to my lifestyle. A Shout out to my amazing coach Dan, who is supportive, positive and understanding. He checks in regularly with me and is always on hand to give advice. He doesn’t make me feel bad if I have slip ups and gives me the encouragement and motivation I need. In my opinion I do not believe food4thoughts is overpriced. I was spending well over £100 a month on takeaways, so in my eyes I am now spending my money on something worth while. Also, what is more important than your health. Yes, your plan is not changed automatically each month but any changes I want Dan has always been able to accommodate quickly. I love the community food4thoughts has created, I have met new people and done things out of my comfort zone. So I would definitely recommend.

I joined food4thoughts to initially lose weight but mainly to help me understand food. I have tried various diets and always lose my weight but can never maintain it.
It took me a while to get on board with my plan, I had various conversations with my coach as it needed to work around me and my 4 year old. He changed it and has given me options too. I have chocolate, crisp and ice cream on plan.
I’ve lost over 10kg since signing up and my aim now is to understand the plan more with my calories and maintain my weight loss. I also joined the fitness side too and love working out with the other coaches. I never thought I’d look forward to a work out but I do!
The community helps you to stay focus, and gives you motivation to carry on smashing your goals. I have become a lifer as I want to be the best version of me and an amazing role model for my daughter. I feel my food4thoughts can help me achieve this.