Achievements to be proud of

The true measure of progress isn't how much weight you've lost, but how long you have lost that weight for. At Food4Thoughts we ensure all of our members have the tools and knowledge to maintain the progress for good.


For Adam, gaining the confidence
mentally and physically to be comfortable in his own skin was his goal. But he didn’t want to miss out on life’s moments with his family either, so we made sure he could still spend quality time with family and work on himself too.


Linz came to F4T after spending years trying every fad diet around and failed. She wanted her F4T experience to work around her lifestyle and still go out to socialise and enjoy her food. Now two dress sizes down, she says it’s the easiest thing she’s ever done.



Katie joined F4T wanting to look her absolute best not just on her wedding day, but for ever day after too. Working with her Nutri-Coach, Katie lost an incredible 4 stone, going from a dress size 16 to a size 8, and has gone from being happy, to being her happiest ever!


Irene is a true representation that F4T is for everyone regardless of your age. Like most people, Irene had bounced from one diet to the next and wanted to build a healthier relationship with food so that she could feel better, have more energy and live a healthier lifestyle. 



Co-founder Scott had spent years in the gym without achieving any results. It wasn't until the learnt the very basics of nutrition that he was able to get into the best physical condition of his life which has transformed his whole entire life.

LINdSey Holford

Lindsey is an F4T lifer. After being stuck in a rut for years and overly restricting herself, she decided to take the plunge and join Food4Thoughts. Lindsey has lost a significant amount of weight and has achieved something she previously never thought was possible.

Anna Corrigan

Food4Thoughts has helped Anna to achieve incredible results whilst living a hectic lifestyle on the go. Her coach gives her the knowledge and tools to continue working towards her desired goals regardless of whether she's on the go or not.

Charlotte Heath

Char is one of our longest serving members and has been able to completely transform herself whilst enjoying all the foods she loves. Charlotte also loves socialising and has been able to achieve these results whilst still having alcohol.


Claudia is a pillar of inspiration and has achieved the physical & mental transformation of a lifetime after struggling for years. She is now more confident, sleeps better and is the happiest she has ever been.

For just the price of a Costa coffee per day, you can achieve all this too.

Results anyone can achieve