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At Food4Thoughts, we believe health and wellness shouldn’t be complicated.

That is why we’ve made it our mission to provide our customers with the tools, guidance and motivation they need to unlock their true potential to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Introducing the 4 key elements at the heart of what we do, and what we’ve identified as the cornerstone to a true health and lifestyle transformation.

Your Journey Starts Here

Everything you need for a happier, healthier lifestyle.


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    Our new state of the art app is your new platform for all your premium 1-to-1 coaching needs, designed to provide convenience and ease, and to world class coaching to help you succeed in your pursuit of a healthier and more positive lifestyle once and for all. 

    Our premium coaching service is catered to you and your goals, and we're bringing you all the things you love, with new and improved features to bring you our most complete coaching experience ever!



    Everything you need to create positive lifestyle change. You will receive world class support from our Food4Thoughts team to help you develop your Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset and Connections.

    Feel healthier whilst still eating the foods you enjoy with your nutrition guide. Get into shape with our weekly online fitness and yoga classes. Bulletproof your mind with talks from incredible speakers we can all learn from. Connect with like minded people, who also want to create positive change at our monthly in person events.







    Meet The F4T Team



    At F4T, our Nutri-Coaches are dedicated to your well-being journey. We are committed to providing personalised guidance, continuous support, and a steadfast presence to ensure you stay motivated and on track throughout your health and fitness journey.


    We don't just guide; we inspire and share in your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. We’re passionate about making every members individual journey enjoyable, ensuring that your pursuit of well-being is not just a goal but a fulfilling experience


    Benefiting from extensive expertise, our Nutri-Coaches offer comprehensive knowledge in nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. You can confidently trust in our Nutri-Coaches for reliable support on your journey.



    Improve your nutrition knowledge whilst still enjoying the foods you love!

    Gain control of your body composition - whether it's weight loss, weight gain or to get into amazing shape… We can help with it all.

    Bulletproof and educate your mind with insights from incredible speakers. Gain wisdom and inspiration from industry experts to help educate, empower and inspire you on your journey.

    Get fit from the comfort of your own home with our fitness and yoga classes provided by our fitness professionals.

    Connect with like minded people through our engaging online facebook community and monthly events.

    Achieve a total lifestyle change, so your results last forever.

    Hear what our amazing customers had to say

    I’m gaining more and more confidence weekly

    It has completely changed my mindset regarding food and other aspects of my life like working towards my current and future goals. I’m gaining more and more confidence weekly

    — Natalie King

    I am creating a better version of myself

    Not only have I gained such amazing self confidence in myself but at the same time I am creating a better version of myself both physically and mentally

    — Sarah Platt

    As I lose weight my confidence is growing

    I’ve been with F4T for 6 months now and just extended my membership as I’m loving everything about it and as I lose weight my confidence is growing

    — Kelly Moss

    I’m the happiest I’ve ever been

    I’ve never been so happy in my life. I get comments from my family and friends who just say I’m glowing. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

    — Laura Presley