Sustainable Weight Loss Without Restriction

With our personalised meal plan service tailored around your lifestyle and the foods you enjoy!

Know exactly what to eat

Develop a good relationship with food

Finally feel and look your best

Unhappy With Your Weight And How You Feel?

Unhappy With Your Weight And How You Feel?

- Tried every diet under the sun?

- Have no stucture?

- Want a lifestyle change?

- Have a poor relationship with food?

Don't worry. We've been there and we understand. At F4T, we know the key is to build healthier habits and a better relationship with food. If you want to finally look and feel good then keep on reading. This will be the last diet you ever do!

Plan Fits Seamlessly Into Your Lifestyle

Plan Fits Seamlessly Into Your Lifestyle

Mouth Watering Food

Your Own Personal Nutri-Coach

Your Own Personal Nutri-Coach

World-class support

Holding you accountable to ensure you're constantly working towards your desired goals


Giving you the tools and knowledge to build a healthier relationship with food


Giving you the guidance and motivation particularly when you're struggling with discipline


Your biggest fan. You're not just a number and they genuinely care passionate about you reaching your desired goals.

Our plans save you money

Tesco Supermarket says the average household wastes £800 per on food wastage - not with Food4Thoughts. Each day you’ll know EXACTLY what to eat. No more food wastage!

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Choose My Plan

F4T is only for those that are serious about making a lifestyle change and not for those chasing quick fixes.

1 month - £97/month

£3.23 per day


3 months - £79/month

£2.63 per day


12 months - £67/month

£2.23 per day


What's included?

  • Personalised meal plan
  • Based around the foods you typically eat and enjoy
  • Fits around your lifestyle
  • Regular plan changes and meal swaps
  • Your own Nutri-Coach
  • Advice when eating out or if you’re on-the-go
  • Daily world-class support and accountability
  • Weekly goal-setting and guidance
  • Optional access to community and events
  • Unlimited daily coach support as and when you need it.

All plans are billed monthly. Our 3 and 12 month memberships have a minimum 3/12 month period. All memberships continue to rollover every month until cancelled.

What Happens Next

Purchase your plan

The first step towards towards sustainable weight-loss, building a healthier relationship and feeling AMAZING.

Start onboarding process

The personalisation starts here! It’s time for us to find out all about you including the foods you enjoy and your chosen goals

Begin life-changing Journey

You’ll have completed your food shop, spoken with your coach and will be more than ready to change your life for good!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Lose weight without feeling hungry or restricted

Feel better within your skin and in your clothes after a month

Healthy eating, better relationship with food. Only 30 days

Gain confidence with a structured eating routine, no calorie counting.

More Savings

Save up to £641

The average UK citizen spends £641 per year on takeaways! Now at F4T, many of our members have their favourite takeaways on plan but you could save an additional £641 by not doing so